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Monday, 4 June

Opening Plenary

Welcome to ENOG 15

  • Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC
  • Elena Voronina, General Manager, MSK-IX, Local Host
  • Sergey Myasoedov, ENOG PC Chair

Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC


Lightning Talks


Operators and IETF
Participants: Ignas Bagdonas, Jeff Tantsura, Alexey Melnikov



TLS 1.3: What’s New
Belyavskiy Dmitry


Status Update on DMARC Work in IETF: Deployment Experience and What is Next
Alexey Melnikov, IETF Area Director


BGP Wedgies and How to Avoid Them (RACI)
Timothy Griffin, University of Cambridge


Lightning Talk

    IDN Universal Acceptance. Status of the Question
    Andrey Vorobyev, .RU / .РФ Domain Coordination Center



Anti Spoofing. Reboot
Alexander Azimov, Qrator Labs


Why Internet is Still On-line?
Moderator: Aleksey Uchakin, LinkmeUp
Participants: Martin J. Levy, Cloudflare; Ignas Bagdonas, Equinix; Alex Semenyaka, RIPE NCC; Alexander Asimov, Qrator Labs.


Tutorial 1

Netconf/YANG tutorial
Evgeny Zobnitsev, Factor Group

Russian Language with simultaneous translation in English



ROA Signing Party
Alex Semenyaka RIPE NCC, Alexander Azimov Qrator Labs.

Russian Language Only



Russian Regulations
Moderator: Alexander Isavnin

Tuesday, 5 June


IPv6 Multihoming for Enterprise Networks
Jen Linkova


Users’ Fingerprinting Techniques from TCP Traffic (RACI)
Luca Vassio, Politecnico di Torino


Country View on Russia
Christian Teuschel, RIPE NCC


Lightning Talk

    CAREN for IPv6 Deployment and Measurement Practices in Central Asia (RACI)
    Almaz Bakenov, American University of Central Asia



ASN Routing Policies in RIPE DB
Dmitrii Kovalenko,
Martin J. Levy, Cloudflare, Inc.


Current State of the Root Zone DNSSEC Keyroll
Edward Lewis, ICANN


Lightning Talk

    Anycast Routing Implementation for Caching DNS Servers in Volga TTK MR
    Denis Mikhlevich



Euro-IX Update including the IXPDB and Tools
Rebecca Class-Peter, Euro-IX


Lightning Talk


RIFT – Routing in FAT Trees
Jeff Tantsura, Nuage Networks


Memcache Amplification DDoS: Lessons Learned
Artyom Gavrichenkov, Qrator Labs


Closing Plenary

OpenDataPlane Project
Maxim Uvarov, Linaro Networking Group


Role of Machine Learning in Network Monitoring and Automation
Cengiz Alaettinoglu, Packet Design


Lightning Talks

    RIPE IPmap
    Victor Naumov, RIPE NCC


    Work in RIPE WGs
    Alex Semenyaka, RIPE NCC


    Operation of DNS
    Nishal Goburdhan, PCH.NET