Имя докладчика Заседание Название презентации файлы Дата Добавлена
Kevin Meynell Plenary The Case for National CERT/CSIRTs 2016‑10‑04
Richard Lamb Closing Plenary and Lightning Talks IoT BS: Where do "we" fit in? 2016‑10‑04
Alexander Azimov Plenary Internet Roads of Caucasus 2016‑10‑04
paul vixie Opening Plenary dns as a defense vector 2016‑10‑02
Hisham Ibrahim Opening Plenary IPv6… Are we there yet? 2016‑10‑03
Yuri Kargapolov Plenary New prospective of DNS-technology: 3d Generation of MNP & IMEI Systems Under Convergence Conditions 2016‑09‑30
Anton Baskov Tutorial Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security 2016‑10‑04
Richard Lamb Plenary DNSSEC Update and Implementation Considerations 2016‑10‑03
Gergana Petrova Opening Plenary Lightning talk: RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI) 2016‑10‑03
Vahan Hovsepyan Opening Plenary ARMIX WELCOME TO ENOG 2016‑10‑03
Alex Smirnoff Plenary Vulnerability Risk Management for Everyone 2016‑10‑03
Talgat Nurlybayev Closing Plenary and Lightning Talks Lightning Talks 2016‑10‑03
Alexandra Kulikova Plenary Rolling the Root Zone DNSSEC Key Signing Key 2016‑10‑03
Artyom Gavrichenkov Plenary DDoS Attacks in 2017: Beyond Packet Filtering 2016‑10‑03
Timothy Denton Plenary How to Think About IXPs if you are a Regulator 2016‑10‑03
Taras Geychenko Plenary RIPE Site: Hints From Outside 2016‑10‑04
Oleg Demidov Plenary IANA Function Transition Roundtable 2016‑10‑04
Michael Yakushev Plenary IANA Function Transition Roundtable 2016‑10‑04
George Gotoshia Plenary Launch of Georgian IXP 2016‑10‑04
Axel Pawlik Plenary RIPE NCC Update 2016‑10‑04
Serge Radovcic Closing Plenary and Lightning Talks Farewell 2016‑10‑04

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