ENOG 16 — ENOG 16 / RIPE NCC Regional Meeting, Tbilisi, Georgia


ENOG 16, Тбилиси, Грузия

Региональная конференция ENOG 16 / RIPE NCC прошла в Тбилиси, Грузия 3-4 июня 2019 года.

Цель конференции – обеспечить участникам возможность обменяться опытом и обсудить наиболее важные вопросы, имеющие значение как для регионального, так и для международнго Интернет-сообщества.





@RIPE_NCC Thank you for a wonderful #ENOG16 !
It is such an honor collaborating with and learning from a distinguished panel of speakers, customers.

#networkdifferent #routing #internetsecurity #internet #router

Opening plenary - presenting #IBN at #ENOG16 in Tbilisi.
#Apstra #intentbasednetworking https://t.co/mEQuy2DN34

#OpenIX is attending #ENOG16 / @RIPE_NCC Regional Meeting, today in Tbilisi, Georgia. Be sure to look at our website for a complete list of events we'll be attending this summer. https://t.co/I9vsX9TlB2

#ENOG16 has come to a close! A massive thank you to our co-host, #NewTelco, and sponsors for helping us organise one of the most successful ENOG meetings outside of Russia @cctldruandrf @netnod @ixcellerate #TMG #MUZA
See you next year in Moscow (8-9 June 2020) for #ENOG17

#enog16 / @RIPE_NCC Meeting in Tbilisi would't end until Qrator Labs network R&D engineer Eugene Bogomazov presents his two talks at the end of the day: "Are We Ready for a Traffic Redirection?" and "Why Are There so Many Bad Routes on the Internet?"


"This will be the last ENOG meeting before our remaining IPv4 pool is fully exhausted" - Petrit Hasani is presenting now on the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space expected in January 2020. Watch his presentation live at: https://t.co/TPq4GGxDOg #enog16

روسی حرف میزنن، روسی ارایه میدن، روسی سئوال میپرسین! دیگه چرا مارو دعوت کردین ؟

Welcome to the last day at #Enog16 in #Tiblisi, #Georgia. Don't forget to meet our #NLix colleague Ivaylo Atanasov.
More information: https://t.co/ME1dJ57Dqf
#Internet #community

RACI attendee Oleksandr Tsaruk, École des Ponts Business School, talks about the new threats to #cybersecurity and information security at #ENOG16 in Tbilisi.

Our Eurasia Peering IX team is having a great time at #ENOG16 in the sunny #Tbilisi! We're spreading the word of many opportunities of #connectivity in Russia! Come and talk to us while we're there!

We're at #ENOG16 this week! Come talk to @clone42 if you have questions or comments. Arnold is presenting "News from PeeringDB" in this afternoon's session. #enog #peering #interconnection https://t.co/q9IlZFIazN

Our Managing Director, Axel Pawlik, will soon present at #ENOG16 on the RIPE NCC’s activities. You can watch the live stream of his presentation at: https://t.co/TPq4GGxDOg

We're at #ENOG16, make sure to meet with Martin and Mattias in Tbilisi, Georgia! https://t.co/uqJyaAyA7s
#peering #ix #dns

Even more complex pictures describing complex topologies of modern DC #enog16 @ Radisson Blu Conference Hall https://t.co/CZFX0Yh4Cz

Simple pictures describing complex topology #enog16 @ Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi https://t.co/H9VToL8TrJ

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