Agenda | ENOG 11


Tuesday, 7 June


Christian Teuschel and Victor Naumov, RIPE NCC RIPE NCC Measurement Data Workshop (Focus: RIPEstat)
Alexey Semenyaka, Qrator Labs DDoS Attacks: Why They are Possible and How to Mitigate Them
Christian Teuschel, Michela Galante and Viktor Naumov, RIPE NCC RIPE NCC Measurement Data Workshop (Focus: RIPE Atlas)
Ilya Sukhov, IPTP Networks Distributed Mitigation Managed Service Against DDoS


Opening Plenary

Welcome to ENOG 11:

  • Hans Petter Holen, RIPE Chair
  • Axel Pawlik, Managing Director RIPE NCC
  • Andrei Vorabiov, CEO CCTLD for .ru
  • Alexey Platonov, General Manager TCI
  • Andrei Tumanov, Russian Federation Parliament
  • Sergey Myasoedov, ENOG Programme Committee
Jose Leitao, Facebook Dr NMS, or: How Facebook Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Network
Stefan Meinders, Deepfield The New Internet


Plenary 17:00-18:30

Andrey Tuzhik, IPv6 Implementation
Alexander Azimov, Qrator Labs BGP Roles

Measurements Panel:

  • Moderator: Alex Semenyaka, Qrator Labs
  • Participants:
    Luca Sani, Isolario
    Alexander Asimov, Qrator Labs
    Alexander Isavnin, The Open Net
    Christian Teuschel, RIPE NCC
    Stefan Meinders, Deepfield

Lightning Talks:

Arnold Nipper Update PeeringDB 2.0

RACI Session:

Gergana Petrova, RIPE NCC RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI)
Nadezhda Zhivchikova, PSI RAS/Research Center for Multiprocessor Systems Virtualized Linux Router in Production Use
Shahin Gharghi, Shiraz University Open Source IP Address Management Software Review


Wednesday, 8 June

Plenary 10:00-11:30

Dmitry Galushko, OrderCom Telecom in Russia-2016: Simplification of Bureaucracy
Elvis Daniel Velea, V4Escrow IPv4 Transfers

Lightning Talks:

Leonid Volkov, Internet Protection Society Runet Connectivity Monitoring: Why and how?
Viktor Naumov, RIPE NCC RIPE Atlas Command Line Interface Tools


Plenary 12:00-13:30

Anurag Bhatia, Hurricane Electric Misused Top ASNs
Jaap Akkerhuis, NLnet Labs New gTLDs and the Stability of Root Service System
Louis Pouzin, Open-Root Project Computer Communications: The First 50 Years, and After!


Plenary 15:00-16:30

Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC RIPE NCC Update

IXP Panel:

  • Moderator: Alexander Isavnin, The Open Net
Egor Drobyshev, SEA-IX Sea-IX – Yesterday, Today, Probably Tomorrow
Thomas King, DE-CIX IXP Peering Services: A Commodity?
Timothy Denton, Hurricane Electric Hurricane Electric’s Observations on Exchange Point Management
Konstantin Chumachenko, MSK-IX From Switching to Matching: A View on the Future of IXPs


Closing Plenary 17:00-18:30

Justin Moore, PLUMgrid Implementing vCPE with OpenStack and Software Defined Networks
Kevin Meynell, Internet Society (ISOC) How “Let’s Encrypt” Can Be Used to Facilitate DANE
Andrea Cima, RIPE NCC Obtaining, Managing and Protecting IP Addresses

Lightning Talks:

Andrea Cima, RIPE NCC RIPE Policy Update
Luca Sani, IIT-CNR Isolario project Isolario: the real-time Internet routing observatory
Alexey Semenyaka, Qrator Labs Story of one blocking / Caring of IPv6: case of Two Big Guys

Closing Remarks:

Andrea Cima, RIPE NCC Closing Remarks