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Useful Information


The most popular and convenient method of travel is the metro. Tickets cost 32 RUB (0.38 EUR) and are purchased at the metro stations, at the window labeled with the word “KACCA”. Metro trains arrive at the platform every two minutes during peak times and every 10-15 minutes later at night. The metro is a very convenient way of getting around the city. However, the trains can be very crowded especially during rush hour.

Buses, Trolleys and Trams

The public transport in Moscow consists of buses, trams and trolleys (called marshrutkas) running throughout the city. Prices are the same for buses, trolleys and trams: one trip costs 31 RUB (0.37 EUR). Most of Moscow transport has been fitted with turnstiles where you have to stick your ticket into a machine to pass through.


Taxi drivers are notorious for overcharging. Make sure you agree on the price of the fare before getting in. Most drivers speak only Russian. There is no need to tip as the fare is either agreed to before you get in or is metered.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Russia uses the universal European emergency number 112 for Police/Fire/Ambulance.


Russia’s currency is the Ruble

Abbreviation: RUB

Exchange rates for foreign currencies, valid on 3 February 2016:

EUR 1 = RUB 85.41


ATM machines are available throughout Moscow. Try to stick to ATMs of either large foreign institutions or major Russian banks. E.g. Citibank, Sberbank, VTB 24, Alfa Bank.


220V 50 Hz — round two-pin plugs, Type C and Type F.

Time zone

In June, Moscow operates on UTC+3.


In June, the average temperature is around 21 – 22 degrees Celsius.