Visa | ENOG 11


Before travelling to the Russian Federation, please check whether you need a visa.

Submit visa applications to the Embassy or Consulate General of the Russian Federation in the applicant’s home country. You can find a list of embassies here:

It can take up to ten working days to process a tourist visa and fees start from EUR 106.75. If you need a visa invitation letter to obtain a tourist visa, you can request one from your hotel.

General visa requirements:

  • Original passport
  • Passport photo
    • Must be a passport-sized colour photo
  • Invitation letter
    • This can be obtained from the hotel you are staying with or through a visa agency (see more on the Venue & Hotel page).
  • Russian Consulate application form
    • The Russian Consulate requires the visa application form to be printed on A4 paper with right and bottom margins of 5mm. Failure to meet these requirements will invalidate your form
  • Proof of travel insurance that must state:
    • The applicant’s full name
    • The policy provides worldwide coverage or coverage for Russia

The exact dates mentioned in the invitation letter and a declaration that the policy is valid during that period.