Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type Date Added
Alexander Azimov Closing Plenary How to measure global reachability? 2016-06-08
Alexander Azimov Plenary BGP Roles 2016-06-07
Alexey Semenyaka Closing Plenary Caring of IPv6: Case of Two Big Guys 2016-06-29
Alexey Semenyaka Closing Plenary Story of one blocking 2016-06-29
Andrea Cima Closing Plenary RIPE Policy Update 2016-06-27
Andrea Cima Closing Plenary Closing Remarks 2016-06-08
Andrey Tuzhik Plenary IPv6 Implementation/Внедрение IPv6 : Опыт внедрения в сетях ШПД 2016-06-07
Anurag Bhatia Plenary Misused Top ASNs 2016-06-07
Arnold Nipper Plenary PeeringDB 2.0 2016-06-27
Arnold Nipper Plenary Euro-IX Update 2016-06-27
Axel Pawlik Plenary RIPE NCC Update 2016-06-08
Christian Teuschel Tutorial RIPE NCC Measurement Data Workshop 2016-06-08
Dmitry Galushko Plenary Telecom in Russia-2016: Simplification of Bureaucracy 2016-06-27
Egor Drobyshev Plenary Sea-IX — Yesterday, Today, Probably Tomorrow 2016-06-06
Elvis Daniel Velea Plenary IPv4 Transfers 2016-06-08
Gergana Petrova RACI Session RACI 2016-06-27
Jaap Akkerhuis Plenary New gTLDs and the Stability of Root Service System 2016-06-27
Jose Leitao Opening Plenary Dr. NMS or: How Facebook Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Network 2016-06-24
Justin Moore Closing Plenary Implementing vCPE with OpenStack and Software Defined Networks 2016-06-27
Kevin Meynell Closing Plenary Let’s Encrypt and DANE 2016-06-27
Konstantin Chumachenko Plenary From Switching to Matching: A View on the Future of IXPs 2016-06-27
Leonid Volkov Plenary Runet Connectivity Monitoring: Why and how? 2016-06-29
Louis Pouzin Plenary Cyclades   2016-06-27
Luca Sani Plenary Isolario — The real-time routing observatory 2016-06-01
Nadezhda Zhivchikova RACI Session Virtual router in production use 2016-06-07
Shahin Gharghi RACI Session IPAM 2016-06-27
Stefan Meinders Opening Plenary The New Internet 2016-06-05
Thomas King Plenary IXP Peering Services: A Commodity? 2016-06-27
Timothy Denton Plenary HE’s observations on exchange point managment 2016-06-02
Viktor Naumov Plenary RIPE Atlas Command-Line Tools 2016-06-07
Viktor Naumov & Michela Galante Tutorial RIPE Atlas Tutorial 2016-06-07