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Monday, 3 June

Opening Plenary

Welcome Speech

    Nigel Titley


    George Gotoshia, NewTelco Georgia


    Alex Semenyaka, ENOG PC


ENOG Vocabulary
Sergey Myasoedov, ENOG PC


Announcement: Networking Tool
Ihor Marhitych, RIPE NCC


Intent Based Networking – the Technology
Jeff Tantsura, Apstra


Lightning Talk

    Georgian IXP Story
    Konstantin Karosanidze



Express Backbone – Scaling Challenges
Mikhail Vasilyev, Facebook


Scaleway Approach to VXLAN EVPN Fabric
Pavel Lunin, Scaleway


Link State Vector Routing
Keyur Patel, Arrcus, Inc



IXPDB and Peering Tools
Arnold Nipper, Euro-IX


News from PeeringDB
Arnold Nipper, PeeringDB


Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC



Practical Implementation of BGP Community with Geotags and Traffic Engineering based on Geotags
Muhammad Moinur Rahman



ROA Signing Party (to participate please bring your laptop)
Alexander Azimov, Yandex


Tuesday, 4 June


HPIMP: Measuring Booter Service
Daniel Kopp, DE-CIX


Hybrid Nature of Modern Threats for Cybersecurity and Information Security
Oleksandr Tsaruk, École des Ponts Business School


Lightning Talks

    64 Bits Are Not Enough for Anybody
    Jen Linkova


    RIPE Atlas Update
    Viktor Naumov


    An Unsuccessful Story or How to Stop Being a LIR
    Nikolay Gorstkin



DNSSEC and other DNS Security
Taras Heichenko, Hostmaster


DNS Flag Day 2019 and Beyond
Libor Peltan, CZ.NIC


Automating DNSSEC
Libor Peltan, CZ.NIC



IPv4 Runout
Petrit Hasani, RIPE NCC


NAT64Check Version 2
Jan Zorz, Internet Society


6 Misconceptions About IPv6
Jen Linkova, Google


Closing Plenary

Developments in Routing Security
Oleg Muravskiy, RIPE NCC


Are We Ready for a Traffic Redirection?
Eugene Bogomazov, Qrator Labs


Why Are There so Many Bad Routes on the Internet?
Eugene Bogomazov, Qrator Labs


Martina De Mas, RIPE NCC