Agenda – ENOG 16


This is a draft agenda: changes are still being made.

All talks and tutorials take place in the Iveria Ballroom, located on the ground floor of the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel.


  • NAT64Check Version 2
    Jan Žorž, Internet Society
  • DNSSEC and Other DNS Security
    Taras Heichenko
  • Developments in Routing Security
    Oleg Muravskiy, RIPE NCC
  • Intent Based Networking – the Technology
    Jeff Tantsura, Apstra
  • RIPE NCC Update
    Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC
  • HPIMP: Measuring Booter Services
    Daniel Kopp, DE-CIX
  • DNS Flag Day 2019 and Beyond
    Libor Peltan, CZ.NIC
  • News from PeeringDB
    Arnold Nipper, PeeringDB
  • Express Backbone – Scaling Challenges
    Mikhail Vasilyev, Facebook
  • 6 Misconceptions about IPv6
    Jen Linkova, Google
  • Are We Ready for a Traffic Redirection?
    Eugene Bogomazov, Qrator Labs
  • Why Are There so Many Bad Routes on the Internet?
    Eugene Bogomazov, Qrator Labs
  • Link State Vector Routing
    Keyur Patel, Arrcus, Inc.
  • IPv4 Runout
    Petrit Hasani, RIPE NCC


  • Practical Implementation of BGP Community with Geotags and Traffic Engineering Based on Geotags
    Muhammad Moinur Rahman


  • ROA Signing Party
    Moderator: Alexander Azimov, Yandex