First ENOG Meeting?

We want all newcomers to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience at their first ENOG Meeting.

To get you started, here’s some information that you might find useful.

What to expect from ENOG 16

  • Network with your peers and make new business contacts
  • Learn about best practices in your industry
  • Share your experience and seek advice from industry experts
  • Get to know the RIPE and ENOG communities
  • Meet RIPE NCC staff
  • Get involved and have lots of fun at the socials! ;)

Identifying Badge Colours and Stickers

While at ENOG 16, you can easily identify the following individuals by coloured badges or stickers on their badges:

  • RIPE NCC Staff: yellow badge
  • ENOG Programme Committee Members: red badge
  • Host: blue badge
  • Sponsors: green badge
  • Newcomers: sticker labelled “My 1st ENOG Meeting”
  • RACI: sticker labelled “RACI”
  • Fellowship: sticker labelled “ENOG FELLOWSHIP”

Newcomers’ Breakfast

This breakfast is held especially for newcomers to ENOG Meetings to help them become more familiar with the meetings and its traditions – we encourage you to attend!

The event will provide Newcomers an opportunity to meet with other first-time attendees and talk with the ENOG Programme Committee (PC), RIPE NCC staff and key people from the ENOG and RIPE communities while having a cup of coffee and some delicious cookies.

When: Monday, 3 June, 9:00-9:45
Where: Meeting room 6, ground floor

Stay connected!

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The RIPE NCC Staff and the ENOG PC will be glad to help you at any time. Please check with us at the registration desk, or email us at enog [at] ripe [dot] net or pc [at] enog [dot] org