Presentations | ENOG 10


Please note that an earlier version of the presentation “Regional Internet Data Analysis” by Viktor Naumov contained a graph with incorrect figures for the number of LIRs in the ENOG region. The version available below was re-uploaded on 15 October and contains accurate data.

Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type Date Added
Alexey Semenyaka Tutorial DDoS attacks: why they are possible and how to mitigate them 2015-10-13
Anton Baskov, Alexey Semenyaka Birds of a Feather Working Groups at ENOG 2015-10-14
Axel Pawlik Plenary RIPE NCC Update 2015-10-19
Dmitry Kohmanyuk Plenary Internet Around the Black Sea 2015-10-13
Dmitry Kohmanyuk Opening Plenary A Quick Zone Scan of .UA 2015-10-13
Ivan Pietuchov Birds of a Feather Новый тенденции законодательства Украины, связанные с Интернетом. Влияние нововведений на телекоммуникационный рынок 2015-10-19
Jaap Akkerhuis Plenary Root Zone KSK Maintenance 2015-10-19
Jan Zorz Plenary Removing IPv6 speed bumps: How to talk to your vendor and how to troubleshoot users IPv6 issues 2015-10-19
Jan Zorz Plenary DANE/DNSSEC and TLS for email testing in the Go6lab 2015-10-19
Jim Cowie Opening Plenary Global Routing Incidents and the Need for Good MANRS 2015-10-13
Maarit Palovirta Closing Plenary Collaborative Security & MANRS 2015-10-19
Marco Schmidt Plenary Policy Development – It’s Easy! 2015-10-19
Maxim Burtikov Closing Plenary IANA Transition Overview 2015-10-14
Michael Yakushev Plenary Multilayer Internet Governance … 2015-10-19
Nathalie Trenaman Plenary IPv6 News 2015-10-19
Svitlana Tkachenko Opening Plenary IPv6 and DNSSEC technologies in .UA 2015-10-13
Timothy Denton Plenary HE’s observations on internet exchange point management 2015-10-10
Vadim Getmanshchuk Plenary Demystifying CDN 2015-10-14
Viktor Naumov Closing Plenary Regional Internet Data Analysis 2015-10-15