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Useful Information

Public transport

The public transport in Odessa consists of trams, trolleybuses and minibuses (called marshrutkas), running throughout the city. Trams and trolleybuses are the cheapest: they cost UAH 1.50 (EUR 0.06), but they can get very crowded, especially during peak tourist season. There are no schedules available at the tram and trolleybus stops. People simply wait at the stop for the next tram or trolleybus to come along. In most trams and trolleybuses there is a conductor who sells tickets and gives change. You should buy your ticket from the conductor. There is no need to validate the ticket, and there are no inspectors checking tickets and issuing fines.


It’s common to be overcharged by taxis in Odessa, but they can be more straightforward than the confusing public transportation.
Most taxis in Odessa are operated as “car-calling services”, which means you call the number and the car will come to pick you up. Some of the taxi telephone numbers are:

  • Taxi “Pantera-Express” +380 482 342000
  • “Euro-Taxi” +380 487 774555 or +380 482 333400
  • Taxi “Prometey” +380 482 35355
  • Taxi “Optimalne” +380 93 332 4444 (mobile)

Useful telephone numbers

Ukraine uses the universal European emergency number 112 for Police/Fire/Ambulance. An operator will redirect the call to the appropriate service. For specific cases, use the following numbers:

  • 101 – rescue service
  • 102 – police
  • 103 – medical service


Ukraine’s currency is Hryvnia
Abbreviation: UAH
Exchange rates for foreign currencies, valid on 7 July 2015:
EUR 1 = UAH 23.59.


ATM machines are available throughout Odessa.


EU standard: 230V 50 Hz — round two-pin plugs, Type C and Type F.

Time zone

In October, Ukraine operates on UTC+3.


In October, the average temperature is around 15-16 degrees Celsius.