Meeting Report | ENOG 10

ENOG 10 Meeting Report

The ENOG 10/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting took place from 13-14 October 2015 at the Hotel Bristol in Odessa, Ukraine. A total of 184 attendees from 11 countries participated in the meeting, 135 of whom were from Ukraine.

The meeting was hosted by Hostmaster Ltd. and the RIPE NCC and sponsored by the Internet Society, NLIX,, Astra South Telecom, NetAssist and Adamant.

Oleg Levchenko from Hostmaster Ltd. opened the meeting, thanking attendees for coming and also congratulating the ENOG community for the high number of new faces in the audience.

Giving an introduction to the ENOG Programme Committee, Sergey Myasoedov described the importance of community involvement and encouraged attendees to give feedback about ENOG 10 to the ENOG Programme Committee members.

The subject of MANRS and network security was a pertinent topic during this meeting. It was first raised by Jim Cowie in the context of global routing incidents, and then later by Maarit Palovirta in a call for Eastern European operatives to engage more in security measures.

The theme of security continued into discussions involving DNSSEC, introduced by Svitlana Tkachenko with regards to .ua domains and later expanded upon in presentations from Jan Zorz and Jaap Akkerhuis in relation to email traffic and the root zone respectively. Several meeting attendees and presenters reiterated the importance of taking DNSSEC seriously.

IPv6 was also a popular topic over both days, connecting with discussions around DNSSEC and IPv4 depletion and the effects of BGP hijacking. Jan Zorz precipitated an in-depth discussion around IPv6 troubleshooting in order to help networks deploy the technology. Referring to RIPE Document ripe-554, Jan gave advice to operators on deploying IPv6 on their networks.

The IPv6 discussion continued on the second day as Nathalie Trenaman provided an IPv6 update to the meeting. A significant statistic to come out of Nathalie’s update is that 29% of Ukrainian RIPE NCC members have an IPv6 ripeness score of four stars.

Internet Exchange Providers (IXPs) enjoyed a strong presence at the meeting. Timothy Denton provided advice to his peers on the successful management of an IXP, one of the core messages of which was the importance of being found and encouraging peering arrangements that aren’t economically-bound.

Wednesday featured a panel discussion in which representatives from a variety of IXPs –local and international – gave their perspectives on a variety of topics. The discussion included comments on encryption, economic considerations, spoofing and filtering, the growth of traffic and the promotion of IPv6.

The meeting also included some discussion on the subject of Internet governance. Michael Yakushev’s presentation on Multi-Layer Internet Governance encouraged active participation from the Internet community in conversations about regulation and cooperation. Maxim Burkitov’s IANA stewardship transition overview gave delegates an explanation of the transition process with regards to the submission of proposals from the Names, Numbers and Protocols communities and their integration into a single joint transition proposal.

There were a number of presentations from the RIPE NCC included in the meeting agenda. Marco Schmidt, Policy Development Officer, described the RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP) and encouraged the community to be involved in the RIPE PDP in the future. Victor Naumov, Senior Software Engineer, presented Internet data analysis with a specific focus on Ukraine. Axel Pawlik, Managing Director of the RIPE NCC, gave a general update on the organisation’s performance and its current priorities, along with some statistics and membership trends.

The meeting presentations were given in English and Russian. On-site translation facilities were provided to attendees. The presentations and session videos are available in the meeting archives. Session videos in both English and Russian are available on the ENOG YouTube Channel.

The RIPE NCC also requested feedback from attendees on how it could improve further meetings. Feedback can also be given through an online survey.

The ENOG 11/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting will take place in Moscow, Russia from 7-8 June 2016.