Welcoming address to the participants and guests of the 1st ENOG international meeting

Dear colleagues,

I. SchegolevI am glad to welcome you at the 1st international meeting of ENOG–the Eurasian Forum of Internet Operators – co-hosted by RIPE NCC and the Coordination Center for TLD RU. We hope that the meeting will form a suitable platform for exchange of expertise and development of joint approaches to the sustainable development of the Internet infrastructure.

It is critical for us that Russia has initiated measures for the balanced governance of the global Net. We have already become pioneered of the launch of the country top-level domains in national languages. IDN TLD РФ is an acknowledged global leader in terms of growth rates. At the same time, we continue to rapidly develop zone RU, which already boasts of 3,000,000-plus domain names.

Russia is growing into a key platform for dialogue with the global and regional Internet communities, thus setting the vector for further development of the Internet in Eurasia. We are keen to champion our partner relations with European countries.

The pace of development of the global Internet and introduction of new technological solutions and standards are largely dependent on the degree of safety of its use. Ensuring the network safety requires joint efforts by all stakeholders. Given the global nature of the Internet, we believe that it is the International Telecommunications Union which is the most appropriate international platform to address the issues of safety and regulation of the Web.

We expect the 1st ENOG meeting to develop recommendations, which the Russian Federation and the global community will be ready to consider and implement already in the near future.

I wish all the participants every success with the meeting.

Minister of Telecommunications
and Mass Media of
the Russian Federation

I.О. Schegolev