Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type
Bijal Sanghani RIPE Taskforce Update
Andy Davidson ENUM BoF Building an IXP
Gert Doering RIPE Day Address Policy
Igor Khimchenko Plenary State Programme “Information Society”
Emilio Madaio RIPE Day Current Policy Topics
Rob Blokzijl DNS Introduction to RIPE Day
Ferenc Csorba Workshop 3 IPv6 for LIRs & the Routing Registry
Konstantin Chumachenko Opening Plenary Net Neutrality – What Content Fills Your Pipes?
Daniel Karrenberg RIPE Day World IPv6 Day Real Measurements
Daniel Karrenberg RIPE Day Tools for Measurements and Analysis
Shane Kerr (for Eric Ziegast) IPv6 SIE, PassiveDNS, and data combining
Igor Khimchenko MSK-IX Peering Forum Welcome Note
Bykov Alexander Opening Plenary MegaFon – FMC operator
Dmitry Kohmanyuk .UA ccTLD overview
Dmitry Y. Kovalenko DNSSEC implementation in DNS-infrastructure in Russia
Gert Doering RIPE Day APWG at MENOG
Andrei Kolesnikov MSK-IX Peering Forum Growing Internet in Russia
Michael Yakushev Plenary Actual Trends in the Legal Regulation of the Internet
Alexander Lyamin IPv6 DDOS classification
Paul Khramtshov RIPE Day IPv6 penetration in Russia (a glance through .RU zone)
Paul Rendek MSK-IX Peering Forum NOGs Around the World
Alexander Ilin ENUM BoF A view on IX evolution and perspectives
Pavel Kramtshov RIPE Day IPv6 penetration: a glance through .RU zone
Christian Kaufmann RIPE Day MAT WG Overview
Andrei Robachevsky DNS World IPv6 Day: 8 June 2011
Igor Khimchenko MSK-IX Peering Forum Welcome to ENOG 1
Marco Hogewoning Highlights IPv6 Working Group
Arnold Nipper ENUM BoF IX networking challenges
Shane Kerr BIND 10: Push to Production
Jim Cowie MSK-IX Peering Forum Internet Transit/ Regional Markets
Alex Band Workshop 1 Resource Certification
Christian Kaufmann Akamai’s V6 Rollout Plan and Experience from a CDN Point of View
Sergey Myasoedov IPv6 DNSSEC in ISP/enterprise networks
Petr Andreev IPv6 implementing in DNS network
Andrey Idlis IPv4 Exhaustion: NAT and Transition to IPv6 in Broadband Networks
Yaroslav Rosomakho IPv6 DDoS Trend Analysis through 2010, Infrastructure Security Report & ATLAS Initiative