In an effort to increase regional participation in RIPE matters, the first ever RIPE Day will take place on the last day of ENOG 1 on 8 June.

The RIPE Day enables attendees to find out more about the RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP) and discuss those policies currently in the PDP.

Representatives from the RIPE community will highlight some of the discussions going on in some of the RIPE Working Groups and will present on the hot topics relevant to the Eurasian community.

The following RIPE Working Groups will be represented at the RIPE Day:

RIPE Policy Development During RIPE Day

Although RIPE policies will be discussed during the RIPE Day, it is important to note that, similar to full RIPE Meetings, no decisions can be made at the event. Input is only formally taken into account if it is sent to the appropriate working group mailing list. Further information about this will be distributed during the RIPE Day.