Meeting Report

Day 1 – Welcome to ENOG 1

Igor SchegolevThe meeting opened with a welcome speech from the Ministry of Mass Media and Communications of the Russian Federation. They thanked the RIPE NCC and ccTLD RU for hosting the Eurasia Network Operators’ Group (ENOG) 1, and expressed hope that ENOG would form a suitable platform for exchanging expertise and developing joint approaches to the sustainable development of the Internet infrastructure.

Paul Rendek, Head of External Relations and Communications at the RIPE NCC, then presented on NOGs Around the World and welcomed ENOG to the family. He urged attendees to be a vocal participant in ENOG – both at meetings and on the mailing list (

Andrei Kolesnikov from ccTLD RU spoke about the way that the Internet is evolving in Russia, highlighting some of the major growth statistics. He was followed by another keynote presentation, by Renesys’ Jim Cowie. Jim’s presentation on Russian Internet Transit and Regional Markets was well received and sparked a lively debate on the much-speculated market for IPv4 post-depletion. The day finished with a panel discussion on Internet Transit, Diversity, Competition – Net Neutrality – What Content Fills Your Pipes.

Day 2 – The Ins and Outs of Internet Technology

Andy presentsTuesday at ENOG 1 started with a Net Security session, followed by parallel sessions on Internet Governance and Internet Exchanges. Both sessions were well attended and provoked questions and comments from attendees.
The day continued with an informative session on IPv4/IPv6 transition technologies, with presentations about the RIPE NCC’s IPv6 CPE Survey, ripe-501, Akamai’s IPv6 Rollout Plan and IPv4 Exhaustion: NAT and Transition to IPv6 in Broadband Networks.
The afternoon break was used for a PGP Key-Signing Party, with 12 people participating. The second day of ENOG 1 concluded with a DNS session.


Day 3 – RIPE Day, World IPv6 Day and the ENOG 1 Party

Paul and ENOG shirtOn the first-ever RIPE Day, attendees were greeted by Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Chair, who explained the history of RIPE and how the community has evolved. Gert Doering, RIPE Address Policy Working Group co-Chair, gave an overview of the RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP). Emilio Madaio, Policy Development Officer for RIPE NCC, explained the policy proposals currently in the PDP. After lunch, RIPE Day continued with the Measurements, Analysis and Tools (MAT) Working Group, with co-Chair Christian Kaufmann moderating the session. Daniel Karrenberg, Chief Scientist for RIPE NCC, showcased RIPE Atlas, the RIPE NCC’s active measurements network and RIPEstat, a “toolbox that makes it easier to access the various datasets maintained by the RIPE NCC”.
At the end of the day, Andrei Robachevsky, ENOG Chair, announced that Wednesday, 8 June was World IPv6 Day. For 24-hours, major websites like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo! made their content available over IPv6. Daniel Karrenberg showcased the RIPE NCC’s “IPv6 Eyechart”, a collection of IPv6 measurements taken throughout the day. During the Closing Plenary, Paul Rendek gave an enthusiastic “thank you” to all attendees, presenters, the organisers, the hosts and the sponsors for making ENOG 1 such a success. He urged attendees to participate in ENOG, either by joining the Programme Committee or by taking part in the discussions on the mailing list (