Monday, 26 May


Jaap Akkerhuis, NLnet Labs Practical DNSSEC Debugging


Opening Plenary

Opening, Welcome to ENOG 7:
Serge Radovcic, RIPE NCC
Alexey Platonov, Technical Center of Internet (TCI)
Andrei Robachevsky, ENOG Programme Committee
Rob Blokzijl, Hans Petter Holen 25 Years of RIPE (and Introduction of the New RIPE Chair)
Michael Yakushev, ICANN Internet Governance 2014: Issues, Initiatives, Perspectives
Управление Интернетом (2014 г.): проблемы, инициативы, перспективы


Plenary 15:00-16:30

Jaap Akkerhuis, NLnet Labs Analysis of Amplification Attack
Jen Linkova, Google Stop Thinking IPv4; IPv6 Is Here
Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC RIPE NCC Update
Maxim Burtikov, RIPE NCC RIPE NCC Regional Presence


Plenary 17:00-18:30

Victor Naumov, RIPE NCC RIPE NCC Measurements and Tools: RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat
Martin Semrad, NIX.CZ Project Secure VLAN @NIX.CZ
Alexander Azimov, Qrator Labs Detecting Routing Incidents
Andrei Robachevsky, Internet Society (ISOC) What do we know about routing resilience and how to make it better?


Tuesday, 27 May

Plenary 10:00-11:30

Moderator: Olga Alexandrova-Myasina, Coordination Center for TLD .RU Panel: New Features of New gTLD. IDN Acceptance and IDN mail
Lightning Talk: Ondrej Filip Project Turris
Lightning Talk: Maksym Tulyuk, AMS-IX IPv6 in AMS-IX


Plenary 12:00-13:30

Jeroen Massar, Farsight Security
A Watchful Eye on DNS
Cengiz Alaettinoglu, Packet Design Diagnosing Network Performance Degradation with Route Analytics
Dmitry Belyavsky, Technical Center of Internet (TCI) Certificate Transparency: New Improvement for PKI


Plenary 15:00-17:00

Maxim Burtikov, RIPE NCC Transition of NTIA’s Stewardship of the IANA Functions
Frédéric Donck, Internet Society (ISOC) Critical Policy Decisions Impacting the Internet in Europe Today
Sarkis Darbinyan, Russia Pirate Party / Саркис Дарбинян, Пиратская партия России Novels of the Russian Legislation for the Regulation of the Content in the Internet
Daniel Ginsburg, Yandex Segment Routing – Egress Peering Engineering


Closing Plenary 17:30-18:30

Olga Makarova, Mobile Telesystems OJSC Network Neutrality: History and Perspectives
Артем Козлюк, Пиратская партия России Государство против Интернета: как законотворцы прошлись катком по Рунету
Serge Radovcic Farewell and Open Mic