Tuesday, 22 May


Tutorial: IPv6 Basics

Marco Hogewoning IPv6 Tutorial (english)


Opening Plenary

Kurtis Lindqvist The History of Peering in Europe and What This Can Teach Us About the Future
Mike Blanche Peering and Regulation – a European View


IX Development and Strategy

Sergey Kiselev Role of Peering in Building the Internet of Tomorrow (English)
Sergey Kiselev Role of Peering in Building the Internet of Tomorrow (Russian)
Maksym Tulyuk IX future: AMS-IX example (english version)
Maksym Tulyuk IX future: AMS-IX example (russian version)
Sergi Polischuk UA-IX 2012 Reincarnation
Alexander Shikov DTEL-IX: The Past. The Present. The Future.
Vyacheslav Vovk Internet Exchange KM-IX
Serge Radovcic IX Development and Strategy session


Key Internet Technologies

Andrei Robachevsky From World IPv6 Day to World IPv6 Launch
Marco IPv6 RIPEness and statistics
Dan York Key Steps To Accelerating DNSSEC Deployment
Dmitry Kohmanyuk DNSSEC in UA – Status Update (fresh)


BoF: All Over DNS

Anton Baskov, Alex Samorukov All over DNS


Wednesday, 23 May


Regional Internet Growth Trends

James Cowie Regional Internet Growth Trends
Alexander Kotov EPEG Cable&Wireless
Ivan Martynyuk D-Link IPv6 Ready


ISP Security

Artyom Gavrichenkov DDoS Attacks, Russia, 2011-2012: Patterns and Trends
Dmitry Burkov Кодекс поведения против программ-роботов для провайдеров интернет-услуг в США
Kirill Kasavchenko DDoS as a threat to ISP: trends and practices
Paul Vixie The Toxic Polluter



Rob Blokzijl Introduction to RIPE
Axel Pawlik RIPE NCC Update
Alex Band RIPE NCC RPKI Update
Marco Hogewoning & Paul Rendek RIPE Policy Update


Closing Plenary

Alexander Azimov BGP Route Stability
Max Tulyev IPv6 in mobile networks – Ukraine
Oksana Prykhodko Multistakeholderism in Russian Speaking Countries
Sebastien Bachollet Multi-Stakeholder Model – Internet Governance
Tomasz Mrugalski ISC DHCP Update: Measuring Performance and BIND10 Integration