RIPE Day takes place on Wednesday, 23 May.

During RIPE Day, key members of the RIPE community and RIPE Working Group Chairs will present on the issues and policies relevant to the region. It’s an opportunity for meeting attendees to participate in RIPE-related discussions first-hand.

Attendees are encouraged to discuss policies during RIPE Day, but be aware that consensus on a policy can only be reached on the relevant RIPE Working Group mailing list. If you’d like to propose a change to a policy or propose a new policy, you must do so on the mailing list.

Read more about the RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP) and the current policy proposals.

RIPE Day topics at ENOG 3 include:

  • Introduction to the RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP)
  • Update on current policies
  • Resource certification (RPKI)