Please note that these audio files were recorded live in the original language spoken by the presenter or audience member. The simulcast translations were not recorded.

Monday, 28 November

Workshop: RIPE Database Tricks and Tips

Marco Database Tips & Tricks

MSK-IX Peering Forum

Audio Recording 14h — 16h
Audio Recording 16h — 18h

Tuesday, 29 November

Opening Plenary

Audio Recording 10h — 11h30

Welcome Welcome Slides
Elena Voronina MSK-IX Welcome and Update
Alexander Asimov Detecting Autonomous System Relationships
Paul Vixie History of Carrier Neutral Internet Exchange: The PAIX Story


Audio Recording 12h — 13h30

Denis V. Tatarskikh IPv6 Deployment Experience of ER-Telecom
Alexander Isavnin IPv6 in Russian domains
Marco Hogewoning IPv6 from the bottom up
Sergi Polischuk IPv6 (from one Day to Years, mentality problem of RU&UA, technical questions, statistics)
Arnold Nipper Proxy ARP considered harmfull


Audio Recording 15h — 16h30

Tatiana Popova Internet Governance and Regulatory Practices
Sofya Grunyushkina Internet Tools of Control

Lightning Talks

Maks Blagonravin IPv6 workshop in Kyiv

Peering and IXPs

Audio Recording 17h — 18h30

Sergi Polischuk Ukraine & Russia — is DE-CIX really closer then MSK-IX or UA-IX?
Arnold Nipper Interconnecting IXPs: Pros and Cons
Paul Vixie IXP/Peering Panel


Audio Recording 18h45 — 19h45

Anton Baskov ENUM BoF
Alexandr Stepanov ENUM in Russia
Kargapolov ENUM in Ukraine — UANIC and UANOC
Wednesday, 30 November


Audio Recording 10h — 12h30

Dmitry Kohmanyuk DNSSEC in UA
Andrei Robachevsky Blocking Content. IGF Workshop
Vladimir Menyailo Friendly Runet Foundation


Audio Recording 12h — 13h30
Audio Recording 15h — 16h30

Jochem de Ruig RIPE NCC update and Financial process
Viktor Naumov RIPE Atlas
Marco & Paul Policy Update
Alex Band Resource Certification (RPKI)
Paul Rendek RIPE NCC Membership and Stakeholder Survey 2011