Remote Broadcast Hub – ENOG 18

Remote Broadcast Hub

IMPORTANT: Remote broadcast hubs are the responsibility of the local organisers and should be held in accordance to the local rules, regulations and advice of the local health authorities with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ENOG 18 Meeting will take place in a virtual format on 7-8 June 2021. The meeting will be using Meetecho as the conference platform together with the live streaming via YouTube.

This time, there will also be the option of attending the meeting in-person in a Remote Broadcast Hub, provided that local COVID -19 restrictions are followed.

Remote Broadcast Hubs are local meetings that take place in parallel with the ENOG 18 virtual meeting. In these hubs, attendees can watch the sessions together on a big screen, interact via chat and/or asking questions via Meetecho and network in person. Each hub will have a hub coordinator to help with the logistics, moderate the discussion and interact with the session chairs.

I want to:

Do you want to attend ENOG 18 at one of the Remote Broadcast Hubs?

Why you should join a Remote Broadcast Hub

  • You can follow ENOG sessions with a group of fellow experts
  • This offers you a networking opportunity and allows for community building
  • You can participate in discussions and network with your fellow attendees at the remote broadcast hub
  • You can share a local/ regional perspective during panel discussions

How to register to attend an ENOG 18 Remote Broadcast Hub

During the ENOG 18 registration process, you will be asked to select the remote hub of your choice. The RIPE NCC will then contact you with more information about your remote hub participation.
Please note the following:

  • You have to be registered with ENOG 18 to participate in a remote broadcast hub. Registration opens on 28 April 2021.
  • Space is limited and hub registration is on a first come, first serve basis.

Do you want to host an ENOG Remote Broadcast Hub?

Take the lead in bringing the local networking community together by hosting a remote broadcast hub in your city!


  • Your logo will be displayed on the ENOG 18 website and on the intermission slides
  • Your organisation’s name will be mentioned in the Opening and Closing Plenary of the meeting and in announcements before/during/after the meeting
  • Your organisation will contribute to community building by enabling networking opportunities


  • A room that can comfortably fit the expected number of participants, provided that local COVID-19 restrictions are followed.
  • Refreshments and beverages for coffee breaks and lunch.
  • Technical set up for the live web-stream inline with the Remote Broadcast Hub Technical Documentation.
  • One person to take on the role of the Hub Coordinator, who will be the point of contact before and during the event. The Hub Coordinator will lead the discussions as well as transmit the hub participants’ questions or comments to ENOG through the remote participation channels and will take care of all the onsite logistics.
    Please note that the Hub Coordinator has to be present at the ENOG Remote Broadcast Hub during the event.

Please note that ENOG is an open, public session that does not charge for registration. Hubs are not authorised to charge any fees for hub participation.

Next steps:
Please send an email to enog [at] ripe [dot] net before Friday, 16 April 2021 with the following information:

  • Company name and contact information.
  • City within the ENOG region interested in hosting the hub.
  • Number of expected participants within the hub.
  • Possible area(s) of interest.

You are also invited to provide any additional information that you think would support your proposal.