Travel Information

Arriving by Air

Pulkovo Airport is within 15km from the centre of St Petersburg. You can easily get to the city using city bus or shuttle bus (Moskovskaya metro station is the nearest).

Transport to the City

Taxi drivers at the airport are notorious for overcharging. Make sure you agree on the price of the fare before getting in. This shouldn’t exceed 700-800 RUB (EUR $20). There should be a small stall to the right of the exit where a man with a clipboard will write down your destination and put you in the queue for the next available driver.

By Shuttle Bus

Shuttle bus N 39 runs constantly between Pulkovo 1 terminal and the Moskovskaya metro station and costs 30 RUB. The shuttle stop is opposite the exit from the arrival zone for domestic flights.

Shuttle buses K3, K213 and K13A can take people to the city from Pulkovo 2 terminal. Their stop is closer to the arrivals hall.


The Rouble is the official currency of the Russian Federation.100 RUB = EUR 2,50. All prices are generally quoted in Roubles. Currency can be freely converted at banks, hotels or kiosks specifically for tourists.


Electricity throughout Russia is 220 volt/50Hz. The plug is the two-pin thin European standard. Be sure to bring your own converter as most places in Russia do not carry them.


The time zone in St Petersburg is UTC +4.

Medical Care

Remember to bring any medications you may need with you. Check with your health insurer before you depart to ascertain your coverage in the event of an emergency. Many insurance providers offer specialised riders which can cover emergency evacuation.

Applying for a Russian Visa

All types of visa are received through the Russian embassy. Provided all of the necessary documents are provided, the process usually takes no more than 3-10 working days for a Russian travel visa.

Russian Business Visa requirements:

  1. Original passport
  2. Photo
    • The photo must be passport size and in colour
  3. Invitation letter
    • The invitation letter can be obtained from the hotel you are staying with or through a visa agency
  4. Russian Consulate Application Form
    • The Russian Consulate requires the visa application form to be printed on A4 paper with right and bottom margins of 5mm. A failure to meet these requirements will invalidate your form
  5. Proof of Insurance
    • The statement must state the applicants full name
    • State that the policy provides worldwide coverage or coverage for Russia
    • State the exact dates mentioned in the invitation letter and declare the policy is valid during that period