ENOG 5 Report – St Petersburg, Russia

27-28 May 2013

ENOG 5/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting took place at the Corinthia Hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia from 27-28 May 2013. The regional event was comprised of 328 attendees from 15 different countries.

The meeting marked the first ENOG to be brought to St. Petersburg and it was very well received. The majority of attendees at ENOG 5 represented Russia and the Ukraine, with most attendees being local to the St. Petersburg area.

The RIPE NCC and MSK-IK hosted the two-day event.


The meeting presentations were given in English and in Russian. Translations in either language were made available to attendees.

Two tutorials were given before the opening of ENOG 5. One entitled “BGP Origin Validation with RPKI” and the other focused on DNS Security (DNSSEC). Both tutorials were filled to near capacity by interested attendees.

The ENOG 5 meeting presentation topics varied with reports from the RIPE NCC regarding membership statistics and fees, IP address allocations across the region, last /8 allocations, IPv4 address transfers, policy updates, billing issues, and the RIPE NCC’s measurement tools, to technical topics including IPv6 implementation, global peering and Internet exchange points, statistics on Internet usage, and legislation in the region.

Local issues that created earnest debate between attendees on site and via remote participation focused on Internet governance in the Russian region, DDOS attacks, content banning, and traffic blocking and filtering.

The RIPE NCC promoted the RIPE NCC Survey 2013 at ENOG 5, asking attendees and other interested parties from the region to take part.

The RIPE NCC also strongly requested feedback from attendees and those generally interested in ENOG events to help direct the development of the meeting agendas by sharing topics they believe are of greatest interest to the region. Feedback can be made by anyone.

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ENOG 6/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting will take place in Kiev, Ukraine from 1-2 October 2013.