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The RIPE NCC is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that supports the infrastructure of the Internet. The most prominent activity of the RIPE NCC is to act as a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) providing Internet number resources and related services to a current membership base of around 13,000 members in over 80 countries. These members consist mainly of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunication organisations and large corporations located in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.The RIPE NCC also provides a range of technical and coordination services and supports the global Internet community by providing data, expertise and a neutral platform for the exchange of ideas.


Armix Logo
The Armenian Internet Traffic Exchange (ARMIX) foundation is a neutral Internet traffic exchange point in Armenia. It provides Internet traffic exchange services as well as free access to important resources such as Google Global Cache and Akamai Cluster.

ARMIX is actively engaged in ICT and telecommunication infrastructure development activities in Armenia and the surrounding region and is a proactive partner of the Internet Society and the RIPE NCC. ARMIX is a member of Euro-IX.

ARMIX, being established by the Internet Society NGO and UITE, currently provides services to a number of companies including Ucom, GNC Alfa (Rostelecom Armenia), Web, AS-NET, Crossnet, Fastnet, Vivacell-MTS, Arminco, Hypernet, Shirak Technologies and Arpinet.


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Ucom build the biggest new generation fiber-optic network in Armenia. Ucom has always put an emphasis on creating a strong network to make it possible for each and every Armenian to benefit the best quality service with an affordable price. The fact of being an Armenian company helps Ucom understand and analyze the growing potential of the Armenian market and meet its requirements with the best possible solutions with the support of IT giant “Ericsson”.

Ucom – big investments, best equipment, aggressive goals, low prices. We build a network for ages that will be of benefit for all our subscribers.


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ARPINET LLC is one of the largest Internet providers in Armenia, providing service mainly to the regional areas of Armavir and Aragatsotn. Arpinet ensures the availability of fibre-optic broadband connections up to 1GB/s bandwidth. It also provides IPTV services with over 160 channels and SD and HD. Arpinet hosts ArmTube, providing the company with high-visibility for its hosting services. Arpinet also serves as a Registrar for the .am zone.

In 2015, the company co-hosted the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Armenia and has actively participated in MENOG, ENOG and other regional and international telecom events.

Arpinet was founded in 2007 and its main office is located in Armenia-Etchmiadzin.


The Internet Society is the trusted independent source for Internet information and thought leadership around the world. It is also the organizational home for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). With its principled vision, substantial technological foundation and its global presence, the Internet Society promotes open dialogue on Internet policy, technology, and future development among users, companies, governments, and other organizations. Working with its members and Chapters around the world, the Internet Society enables the continued evolution and growth of the Internet for everyone.


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Internet Society of Armenia (ISOC AM) is a non-profit NGO. As a local Internet community, ISOC AM members represent the National Academy of Sciences, major ISPs, university and library networks, academic, research and school networks, and individual Internet users as well as governments.

The main goal of the organization is to assist the development of the Internet in Armenia. The Internet Society aims to serve the Armenian Internet community and provide leadership in addressing key issues about the roles and uses of the Internet.

ISOC AM manages the AM and ՀԱՅ top-level domains.


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The union was established in 2000 as a business association of information and communication technologies (ICT) enterprises operating in Armenia. UITE was created by enterprises and companies in the information technologies (IT) and ICT sectors aiming at the protection of economic interests, business promotion and advancement of research in the ICT sector.The number of our member organizations is growing rapidly. As of July 2016 it reached 73. Our members are local and international organizations operating in Armenia. UITE members are particularly involved in software development, Internet technologies and e-commerce, research and development, semiconductor design, and other specialties. A number of our members occupy a leading position in the global market.


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