Useful Information

Public Transport

The main way to get around Yerevan is by minibus (marshrutka). They can be recognised by the number in their front window, and there are hundreds of routes throughout the city. The marshrutkas stop at bus stops but can also be flagged down anywhere on the street. Trips cost AMD 100 and you pay the driver as you leave. There are also buses and electric trolleys following numbered routes, and tickets for these also cost AMD 100. The Yerevan metro is clean, safe and efficient. Trains run every five to ten minutes and tickets cost AMD 100.


It’s common to be overcharged by taxis in Yerevan, so make sure the driver switches the meter on. Taxis are cheap and plentiful, with a starting price of AMD 600 for the first five km and AMD 100 per km after that.
Some taxi companies are:

  • Taxi “Just” +374 10 588 111
  • “American Taxi” +374 10 544 004
  • “City Cab” +374 10 247 999
  • Taxi “Tour” +374 10 499 994

Useful Telephone Numbers

Armenia uses the universal European emergency number 112 for police/fire/ambulance. An operator will redirect the call to the appropriate service. For specific cases, use the following numbers:

  • 101 – fire
  • 102 – police
  • 103 – emergency services


Armenia’s currency is the dram (AMD). The exchange rate as of 6 July 2016 was EUR 1 = AMD 528.19.


ATM machines are available throughout Yerevan.


EU standard: 220V 50 Hz — round two-pin plugs, type C and F.

Time Zone

In October, Armenia operates on UTC+4.


In October, the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celcius.

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