Side Events

The agenda below uses the CET time zone (UTC+1). If you are attending from a different time zone, make sure to convert to find the appropriate time.

RIPEstat’s Next UI

Date: Tuesday, 10 November
Time: from 13:00 to 13:20 CET (UTC+1)
Where: On Meetecho

In this event, the RIPEstat team will present the next generation of RIPEstat’s UI and give a short demo followed by a Q&A session in SpatialChat.

The Daily Kahoot! Quiz

Date: Daily from Monday 9 – Friday 13 November
Time: During the coffee break from 15:15 to 15:30 CET (UTC+1)
Where: On Meetecho

Gerardo Viviers for a chance to win an ENOG 17 Tshirt! Make sure to have your ENOG 17 registration number and the Kahoot! app ready before we start.


Every day a new topic and new sound-effects. Test your ENOG and RIPE knowledge with quizmaster

Tip: For the best chance at winning, have the Kahoot app installed on your phone so that you can follow the questions on the screen and answer even faster.