Meeting Report

1-2 October 2013, Ukraine, Kiev

The ENOG 6/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting took place at the President Hotel in Ukraine, Kiev from 1-2 October 2013. The event was attended by 369 people from 15 countries.

The two-day meeting was hosted by the RIPE NCC and the Ukrainian Internet Association. Sponsors included DE-CIX, the Internet Society, UA-IX, MSK-IX, Hostmaster, Adamant, and NetAssist.

This was the first ENOG meeting to be held outside of Russia and this affected the attendance statistics – with more people attending from Ukraine for the first time. By the end of the meeting, the attendance statistics stood at 249 attendees from Ukraine, 63 from Russian and 57 from other countries around the world.

Two tutorials were given prior to the opening of the meeting. One was delivered in English and was on “IPv6 Fundamentals and Best Practice”. The other was in Russian and covered “DNSSEC Implementation”. Both tutorials were heavily attended.

Presentations at the meeting covered a variety of topics, with a focus on the Ukrainian region. There was a strong emphasis on issues of privacy, security and data protection. The first day concluded with several presentations by IXPs followed by an interesting IXP panel discussion. The second day featured a panel discussion on matters of online privacy.

Victor Naumov from the RIPE NCC presented on RIPE Atlas use cases. He was followed later in the day by Gerardo Viviers from the RIPE NCC’s Registration Services Department, who gave an overview of membership statistics and distribution of ASNs, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses within the ENOG region. He also gave an overview of current policy topics and highlighted the recent increase in address space hijacks.

The meeting presentations were given in English and Russian. On-site translation facilities were provided to attendees.

The RIPE NCC also requested feedback from attendees on how it could improve future meetings. Feedback can be made by anyone.

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The ENOG 7/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting will take place in Moscow, Russia from 26-27 May 2014.