Tutorial 1: Peering Commercials / Contracts

Mike Blanche (presented in English):

  • The business case for peering
  • Cost/benefit analysis of peering vs. transit
  • Peering agreements – Why or why not? And what should be in one?

Tutorial 2: ISP and IXP Interaction Tutorial

Alexander Ilin (MSK-IX) (presented in Russian):

The target of this tutorial is to introduce network managers, network administrators, to the principles and practice of network configuration for interaction with IXP. The tutorial will cover several aspects related typical network configuration mistakes, hardware and software issues. The tutorial will start with the current, state-of-the-art, review off-the-shelf solutions and continue with results from recent efforts of the research community.

Tutorial 3: RIPE Database Tricks and Tools

By Marco Hogewoning and Alex le Heux from the RIPE NCC (presented in English)

This tutorial will provide you with some useful tips and tricks for using the RIPE Database. The purpose is to introduce you to the most important objects in the RIPE Database, to show simple ways to get
exactly the information you need and to explain the best methods for updating the database.