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ENOG Host Benefits and Requirements

Host Benefits

Hosting an ENOG Meeting guarantees your organisation excellent visibility in the ENOG and RIPE communities. After we confirm you as Host, we’ll promote your vital contribution by:

  • Mentioning your organisation’s name in the opening and closing plenaries and in announcements throughout the meeting
  • Allowing you to make a short welcome speech during the opening plenary (no sales pitches please)
  • Displaying your logo on the ENOG Meeting website, on the participant badges, on the intermission slides and on roll-up banners at the meeting
  • Providing space (1m x 2m) in the coffee break area where you can display one promotional roll-up banner during both days of the meeting

Host Responsibilities

The RIPE NCC will be dependent on you as a local Host to help organise the ENOG Meeting. As a Host, you will commit resources to make sure the meeting runs smoothly. You will provide general support during the preparation and delivery of the ENOG Meeting. This includes:

  • Assist in finding a venue for the meeting that is available during the given dates. Based on previous ENOG Meeting attendance, we typically expect between 300 and 500 participants (depending on the destination) and you should consider these numbers when submitting your proposal
  • Assist in finding a suitable venue for a dinner social event for 250/350 (depending on the destination) participants that will take place on the first day of the meeting (see details below)
  • Provide local PR for the event, including promotion in the local press and via appropriate mailing lists and Invite local government officials
  • Provide Internet connectivity at the meeting venue (see details below) *
  • Provide and pay for suitable simultaneous translation *
  • Provide and pay for a suitable webcast service *
  • Provide and pay for a suitable barista service *
  • Print and pay for 200/250 ENOG t-shirts for the participants (the RIPE NCC will provide the design)
  • Print and pay for roll up banners for the event (the RIPE NCC will provide the design)
  • Provide two members of staff to assist with registration and other duties during the set-up day and the meeting (a total of three days)

* You can provide this yourself or through a sponsor company

Internet connectivity at the meeting venue

  • Must be excellent: at least 250 Mbps
  • All attendees must be able to connect to the network
  • A separate line for the webcast might be required
  • IPv6 is a plus
  • As the Host, you might want to arrange with the hotel to shut off their Wi-Fi network in the meeting areas for the duration of the meeting to avoid interference with the ENOG wireless network

Networking dinner

The evening social events are an important part of the ENOG Meeting. An evening event can be a dinner, a reception, or anything that gives the attendees a chance to mingle in an informal atmosphere.

Host Proposal

If a company would like to host a ENOG Meeting, they need to send a host proposal to enog [at] ripe [dot] net. The proposal should be as detailed as possible and we require the following information:

  • The name of your organisation and a short motivation text explaining why you would like to become an ENOG Meeting Host.
  • The city in which you are proposing to host the meeting with some highlights that explain why ENOG Meeting attendees might wish to visit this city.
  • Accessibility to the city (airport, airlines, railway, etc.)
  • Information on any requirements, laws, policies (etc.) operative in the proposed meeting location that might affect the meeting or its organisation. For example, you must let us know about any special visa requirements, any permits we would need to obtain to hold a meeting in the proposed location, and so on. This information will be helpful to us in assessing your proposal.
  • If known, an outline of how you propose to arrange connectivity to the meeting venue
  • A list of at least two suitable meeting venues (hotels and/or conference centers) that have availability during the proposed dates, as well as:
    • A plenary room of at least 300 seats “theatre-style”
    • A breakout room of at least 100 seats “theatre-style”
    • A coffee break area for 300 people
    • A restaurant (or restaurants) that can host seated lunch for at least 300 people
  • A list of venues that can host social events (museums, clubs, restaurants, etc.) with a capacity between 250 and 400.

We also invite you to provide any additional information that you think would support your proposal to host an ENOG Meeting.