Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type Date Added
Oleksandr Kulchytskyi Plenary Traffic exchange features in Ukraine and IPV6 traffic progress in exchange points application/pdf 2013-11-11
Serge Radovcic Closing Plenary Thank You and Closing Remarks application/pdf 2013-11-11
Dmitry Belyavsky Plenary Security in Internet: what is it now? application/pdf 2013-11-11
Viktor Naoumov Plenary RIPE Atlas Success Stories application/pdf 2013-11-11
Loreta Vioiu Plenary Privacy and Internet application/pdf 2013-11-11
Valeria Diachenko Plenary Practical Aspects of Business Entities in the Telecommunications Industry for the Protection of Personal Data on the Internet application/pdf 2013-11-11
Konstantin Ankilov Plenary Managing Partner application/pdf 2013-11-11
Vladimir Kukovsky Plenary Indicators of Development of the Ukrainian Segment of Internet application/pdf 2013-11-11
Alexey Melnikov Opening Plenary IETF: Making the Internet work better (in Russian) application/pdf 2013-11-11
Alexey Melnikov Opening Plenary IETF: Making the Internet work better application/pdf 2013-11-11
Alexander Telyatnikov Closing Plenary Global bandwith optimization application/pdf 2013-11-11
I.M. Petukhov Opening Plenary General characteristics of the Internet market in Ukraine application/pdf 2013-11-11
Serge Radovcic Closing Plenary ENOG 6 Attendance Statistics application/pdf 2013-11-11
Dan York Plenary DNSSEC and DANE Deployment: Trends, Tools and Challenges application/pdf 2013-11-11
Volodymyr Litovka Plenary SDN and Network Virtualization application/pdf 2013-10-03
Jaromir Talir Plenary KNOT DNS update application/pdf 2013-10-02
Gerardo Viviers Closing Plenary Registration Services Update: IPv4 Transfers, Statistics, Policies application/pdf 2013-10-02
Andrei Robachevsky Plenary Making the Internet better – collaborative efforts from the Internet Society application/pdf 2013-10-02
Volodymyr Kozak Plenary The Challenges of Privacy in the regional Internet application/pdf 2013-10-02
Andrii Korzh Plenary Segment Routing application/pdf 2013-10-01
Ferenc Csorba Tutorial I: IPv6 Fundamentals and Best Practices IPv6 Fundamentals and Best Practices application/pdf 2013-10-01
Sergey Myasoedov Tutorial II: DNSSEC implementation Practical DNSSEC application/pdf 2013-10-01
Sergey Kiselev Plenary Herding Cats and Growing Reginal IX’s application/pdf 2013-10-01
Alexander Azimov Plenary Peering Arithmetic application/pdf 2013-10-01
Mikhail Emeliyannikov Plenary Is protection of privacy in Internet possible? application/pdf 2013-09-30
Bijal Sanghani Plenary Euro-IX Update application/pdf 2013-09-30
Alexander Kotov Plenary Paradoxes and Patterns of Ukrainian Internet Market: a View from Abroad application/pdf 2013-09-28