Call for Presentations

Dear colleagues,

This is a call for presentation proposals for the ENOG 5/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting, that will take place at the Corinthia Hotel in St.Petersburg 27-28 May 2013.

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Traditionally, key themes for ENOG are peering, operational practices and collaboration between Internet service providers (ISPs). Topics include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Peering and Internet Exchange Points
    • Business, technical and social aspects of peering and interconnection.
  • Network Operations and Security
    • Operational experience and best current practices, security trends and technologies.
  • Key Internet Technologies
    • Real-life IPv6 and DNSSEC deployment experience, trends and statistics
  • Internet development trends
    • New technologies and applications, evolution of the Internet ecosystem
  • Internet governance and regulatory practices
    • Internet-related legislation and its impact, multistakeholder model, challenges and opportunities.
  • Content delivery
    • Technology, architecture and business models for content delivery.

If you’d like to suggest a presentation for the ENOG 5 agenda, then please submit your talk at:

If you are aware of a good presentation and would like to recommend the speaker – please contact the Programme Committee at pc [at] enog [dot] org.

Please submit your talk, including the abstract and draft version of the slides before 7 April 2013 for full consideration.

For submission guidelines please see

Kind regards,

Andrei Robachevsky
Chair ENOG 5 Programme Committee