Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type
Bijal Sanghani RIPE Taskforce Update application/pdf
Andy Davidson ENUM BoF Building an IXP application/pdf
Gert Doering RIPE Day Address Policy application/pdf
Igor Khimchenko Plenary State Programme “Information Society” application/pdf
Vadim Vankov ENOG 2 Opening Plenary “WHAT TYPES OF CONTENT FILL YOUR PIPES?” application/pdf
Emilio Madaio RIPE Day Current Policy Topics application/pdf
Rob Blokzijl DNS Introduction to RIPE Day application/pdf
Ferenc Csorba Workshop 3 IPv6 for LIRs & the Routing Registry application/pdf
Konstantin Chumachenko ENOG 2 Opening Plenary Net Neutrality – What Content Fills Your Pipes? application/pdf
Daniel Karrenberg RIPE Day World IPv6 Day Real Measurements application/pdf
Daniel Karrenberg RIPE Day Tools for Measurements and Analysis application/pdf
Shane Kerr (for Eric Ziegast) IPv6 SIE, PassiveDNS, and data combining application/pdf
Igor Khimchenko MSK-IX Peering Forum Welcome Note application/pdf
Bykov Alexander ENOG 2 Opening Plenary MegaFon – FMC operator application/pdf
Dmitry Kohmanyuk .UA ccTLD overview application/pdf
Dmitry Y. Kovalenko DNSSEC implementation in DNS-infrastructure in Russia application/pdf
Gert Doering RIPE Day APWG at MENOG application/pdf
Andrei Kolesnikov MSK-IX Peering Forum Growing Internet in Russia application/pdf
Michael Yakushev Plenary Actual Trends in the Legal Regulation of the Internet application/pdf
Alexander Lyamin IPv6 DDOS classification application/pdf
Paul Khramtshov RIPE Day IPv6 penetration in Russia (a glance through .RU zone) application/pdf
Paul Rendek MSK-IX Peering Forum NOGs Around the World application/pdf
Alexander Ilin ENUM BoF A view on IX evolution and perspectives application/pdf
Pavel Kramtshov RIPE Day IPv6 penetration: a glance through .RU zone application/pdf
Christian Kaufmann RIPE Day MAT WG Overview application/pdf
Andrei Robachevsky DNS World IPv6 Day: 8 June 2011 application/pdf
Igor Khimchenko MSK-IX Peering Forum Welcome to ENOG 1 application/pdf
Marco Hogewoning Highlights IPv6 Working Group application/pdf
Arnold Nipper ENUM BoF IX networking challenges application/pdf
Shane Kerr BIND 10: Push to Production application/pdf
Jim Cowie MSK-IX Peering Forum Internet Transit/ Regional Markets application/pdf
Alex Band Workshop 1 Resource Certification application/pdf
Christian Kaufmann Akamai’s V6 Rollout Plan and Experience from a CDN Point of View application/pdf
Sergey Myasoedov IPv6 DNSSEC in ISP/enterprise networks application/pdf
Petr Andreev IPv6 implementing in DNS network application/pdf
Andrey Idlis IPv4 Exhaustion: NAT and Transition to IPv6 in Broadband Networks application/pdf
Yaroslav Rosomakho IPv6 DDoS Trend Analysis through 2010, Infrastructure Security Report & ATLAS Initiative application/pdf