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emails to translate

Dear Pavel,

The project sounds really interesting. In six months we would probably
have the calls for applications for our next meetings – RIPE 76 in
Marseille and ENOG 15 (likely to be in Moscow). I would strongly
encourage you to submit an application for these meetings.

If you would like to receive a reminder, please subscribe to our mailing
lists, where I send announcement about upcoming deadlines:

Dear Алексей,

Thank you for your email.

For the RIPE Fellowship you need to upload your CV. If you have any
other supporting documents (course certificates etc) you can upoad them
too, but this is optional.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

As a student you can apply for RACI if you have research to present or
to the RIPE Fellowship if you don’t have research.

You can only apply for the IRPE Fellowship for RIPE 75 in Dubai.

There would be only 5 RIPE Fellows selected. Applications are
individual, but multiple people can submit an application.

The RIPE Fellowship is only available for RIPE 75, not for ENOG 14.
Applications for the RIPE Fellowship need to be submitted in English.
your English doesn’t need to be perfect, but it would be useful to
understand it well, since the RIPE 75 conference is in English.

In this case, if you are interested in attending the RIPE 75 meeting in
Dubai, please apply for the RIPE Fellowship. Application needs to be
done in English.