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ENOG Content Working Group

The main goal of this ENOG working group is to coordinate the creation and publication of materials in Russian that could be useful for the Russian-speaking community.

There is a significant problem caused by the fact that the vast majority of industry-related materials are currently published in English only, while the translations of such materials into Russian are usually scarce and insufficient. Another issue is the lack of sources that provide high-quality, industry-specific information in Russian.

The ENOG Content Working Group intends to address these issues by creating relevant content in Russian. The group will achieve this by facilitating the involvement and contributions of the Russian-speaking community.


Other goals of this group include:

  • Finding industry-related materials created by other organisations that would be of interest to the Russian-speaking community;
  • Identifying and creating channels for information-sharing and interacting with the community;
  • Developing recommendations on the use of industry-specific terminology and translations quality standards++.

ENOG Content Working Group mailing lists (in Russian): content [at] enog [dot] org, glossary [at] enog [dot] org

Anyone may suggest creating an ENOG Working Group and/or task force by sending a description and, if available, a charter of the suggested ENOG working group/task force to the ENOG Programme Committee’s (PC’s) email address. When considering the proposal, the PC will evaluate the severity of the issues suggested in the scope of the ENOG working group/task force for the ENOG community.

Before making such a proposal, we recommended that members discuss the potential ENOG working group in a mailing list or organise a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session or an organisational meeting at an ENOG conference. If you wish to organise such a meeting at the next conference, contact the PC via email or fill in the PC application form.


The information provided above is based on proposed changes to the ENOG PC charter dated 5 June 2015. Currently, the PC is evaluating the proposed changes, which means they have not yet been accepted.

If you are interested in this proposal, please come to the BoF organised at ENOG 9 in Kazan on 9 June 2015 17:00 (UTC +4).