ENOG (Eurasia Network Operators’ Group) is the forum where technology experts from the Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe gather to discuss core operational issues and share knowledge and expertise in evolving the Internet in the region.

ENOG is a forum for open dialogue that is available for all interested parties to attend. Today, it is supported by the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ (ccTLD RU), the Technical Center of Internet (TCI), MSK-IX and the RIPE NCC. The Coordination Center and the Technical Center of Internet were among the first to promote ENOG in 2010, giving their full support to a new essential platform that enabled the global and regional Internet communities to exchange opinions.

By supporting Moscow ENOG Meetings, the Coordination Center and the Technical Center of Internet engage in promoting operator interoperability and supporting global partnership. The ENOG Programme Committee welcomes initiatives from other countries as well, with ENOG 3 held in Odessa, Ukraine in May 2012.

ENOG is a new way of communicating and creating unified approaches among technology professionals. This, in turn, enables Internet infrastructure stability, increases global network coherence and facilitates further Internet accessibility for the community.

Major discussions at ENOG traditionally revolve around network interactions and operator collaboration in the region. Topics cover the challenges, tools, experiences and best practices in areas such as IPv6, DNS, peering, routing, domain space and more.


The RIPE NCC has been organising yearly regional meetings in Russia in cooperation with local hosts since 2004. As the Internet community in that region evolved, it was clear that there was a need for more frequent meetings and enhanced collaboration between industry peers. At the 7th RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in October 2010 in Moscow, the idea of establishing an ENOG Meeting was introduced for the first time. The attendees of the meeting decided to further their cooperation by creating a regional Eurasian event where the experts from the region could exchange best practices and collaborate on issues unique to the Russian Federation, CIS and Eastern Europe, creating basic principles for future collaborations.
If you are interested in hosting an ENOG Meeting, please contact enog [at] ripe [dot] net.

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