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The RIPE NCC is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that supports the infrastructure of the Internet. The most prominent activity of the RIPE NCC is to act as a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) providing Internet number resources and related services to a current membership base of around 9,200 members in over 75 countries. These members consist mainly of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunication organisations and large corporations located in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.The RIPE NCC also provides a range of technical and coordination services and supports the global Internet community by providing data, expertise and a neutral platform for the exchange of ideas.

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Netnod is a non-profit Internet infrastructure organisation. Netnod manages Internet exchange points (IXPs) in five cities in Sweden. Netnod offers DNS anycast & unicast slave services to TLDs worldwide and is the proud operator of i.root-servers.net, one of 13 logical DNS root name servers in the world.


Packet Design technology helps hundreds of service providers, mobile operators, cable and broadband providers, enterprises and government agencies spanning five continents to optimize the performance and control of their networks. The Route Explorer(TM) System uniquely combines routing and flow analytics giving network managers “path-aware” visibility into traffic behavior across the cloud, enabling them to model the impact of changes accurately and troubleshoot problems fast.


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